Frequently Asked Questions

How is the produce delivered? If you subscribe by Wednesday before your scheduled delivery, you will receive your produce on the following Wednesday or Thursday. Your Healthy Harvest Bag and specialty items will be delivered to your selected drop-site at the specified time. Most drop sites are currently set up for bi-weekly delivery; however if 10+ members wish for a weekly delivery, that may be accommodated. The produce is delivered in a reusable shopping bag. Each bag will be personalized with a label in the upper right corner of the “What’s In the Bag” note providing order details, farming practices and recipes. We ask that you return the Holoholo bag and insulated bag for specialty items on the day of your next delivery so we can refill the bags. Bags not returned will be charged a $5.00 replacement fee.

When will I get billed? You will be billed on Thursday one week prior to your upcoming delivery, at which time we place the orders with the farmers.

Is my credit card information secure? Absolutely. The information is kept with an authorized secure gateway, where even we don’t ever see it.

Can I make changes to my order? Yes, until Wednesday at 9am in order to process and ship with your delivery the next week. Simply, login to your account to make an add-on order.

I am going on vacation. Can I get a credit on my account? If you need to place your account on hold for any reason, simply, login to your account and place a Hold during your scheduled vacation dates. Please be sure to place the Hold prior to the order deadline (by Wednesday 9 a.m. one week prior to delivery) in order to avoid being charged for your CSA bag. You will not be charged while “on vacation” and we will not deliver you a bag.

How do I sign-up for delivery if the drop-sites are not convenient? We require a 10 person minimum to establish a new drop-site so call us at 281-6141 to make arrangements.

What if I can’t make my pick-up? You must contact us by phone or email no later than 24 hours prior to delivery to notify us of this change to see if other arrangements can be made. You may have a friend pick-up your CSA bag or you may donate the bag. We do not offer credit to your account for changes made after the order deadline (one week prior to delivery).

Where does your produce come from? We buy from various farmers located in Waimanalo, Waialua, Wai’anae, Kaneohe, Kahuku & Hawaii Kai. For items not grown on O’ahu such as strawberries or kula sweet onions we may ship from a neighboring island. We know our farmers and understand their farming practices therefore, we guarantee the best. Check out Who We Support.

How fresh is your produce? We start placing orders with farmers on Friday with pick up 24-48 hours before you receive it on Wednesday or Thursday. It doesn’t get any fresher unless you pick it yourself.

Is your produce organic? As much as possible we source organic, sustainably grown, and unsprayed produce. A “What’s in the Bag” note is included with your delivery which features farming practices and recipes.

How do your prices compare? Our prices are comparable to other stores carrying local produce. However, the convenience of having us do the shopping and deliver is invaluable.

What should I do with my empty bag? Your first order will be delivered in a reusable shopping bag. Before your next scheduled delivery, return the bag to the office or your coordinator. We will pick them up and refill. Recycle & Re-use!

Should I get deliveries “weekly” or “every other” week? Weekly deliveries work well for families and people who cook most of their meals at home. For smaller households and people who eat out often every other week is usually sufficient.

Do you guarantee your service? Yes, we offer a “Freshness Guarantee” for at least 3 days after delivery with proper storage and handling once you received it.

How can I cancel my subscription? If you need to cancel or suspend your delivery, you must login and cancel your subscription by 9am the Wednesday before the upcoming delivery. If you do not cancel your subscription by that time, we will be ordering your produce from the farmers and will not be able to refund you for the upcoming week’s delivery.